We excel in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of high precision automobile, engineering and industrial ancillaries such as:

U- Bolts :

U_Bolts Grade 5.6, 6.8, 8.8, 9.8, 10.9, 12.9
Thread Size (mm) : M8 X 1 to M28 X 3
Length of the Bolt : 40 mm to 700 mm

Rails (Shifter and Transmission) :

Transmission Rails It’s a very critical component used in vehicles for Gear Shifting mechanism. The dimension maintained are in microns and the surface is protected from wearing out by localized Induction hardening.

Spiders ( Cross) :

Transmission Rails Forged components, finished by process of CNC SPM machining, Case Carburizing and CNC SPM Grinding. Centre Perpendicularity is maintained within 50 microns.

King Pins :

King_Pins Case Carburized components used in knuckle for steering movement in all vehicles . Sizes from 20 mm to 52 mm diameter.

Suspension Pins :

King_Pins Part of the Suspension Assembly. The components is either made form Round bars or forgings. The process involved is through hardening and Induction Hardening after the machining process.

Studs :

Studs & Cotter Pins Fasteners, threaded on both sides to connect the components in vehicles . Available in all Grades and Diameter size range from 10 mm to 24 mm.

Cotter Pins :

Studs & Cotter Pins A component used to lock King Pin in the knuckle of the vehicle.

Shaft Components :

Studs & Cotter Pins We manufacture all types of Round bars shaft components as shown in the Pictures, involving all processes like turning, drilling, ID keyway, woodruff key, Heat treatment, grinding etc.

Joint Propeller Shaft and Companion Flanges :

Studs & Cotter PinsForged components machined, induction hardened, broached, Surfaced Splined etc used at the ends of the Propeller Shafts.


Pins, Spacers, Washers and Bushes We make spacers from forgings and round bars. It includes components like spacer seals, collar pinions, lock nuts, bushes etc. Both through hardened and Case carburized depending upon the application.

Levers and Shift Fingers :

Engineering Plastic Components Forged components machined and broached used for various applications in vehicle.

Machined Forgings and Miscellaneous Components :

Joint Propeller Shaft & Companion Flange We make lots of machined components from forgings like forks, hooks, thrust plate, toe hooks , brackets, pulleys, breeze nozzle, Bolster wear plate, torsion arm etc.We also make components lit Pivot Pin ( Trunion Pin) used in Boggie Suspension, sleeve injectors ( engine), Detent pin etc.

Assemblies ( Including Welding) :

Rope Hooks, Foot Steps, Anchor Hooks, Tower Bolts As seen from the photos, we do lot of small assemblies , which include process like welding, press fitting , reverting and manual assemblies. Some of the parts to mention are Stabilizer bar assembly for the cabin, Gear Shift lever, Select levers etc.

Steel Bright Bars :

Steel Bright Bars Drawing – the capacity is from 7 mm to 35 mm diameter
Grinding – the capacity is from 7 mm to 40 mm diameter.
All grades of material including alloy and non alloy steel can be processed.

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